When it rains, it pours!

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    I’m not sure if I’ve really used this saying the way it’s intended before. That is, until this past week. It has been one for the books! At times, I honestly didn’t know what else could come at me. It didn’t help either that my husband was out of town for work, so I was tackling all these things on my own.
   I know so many people have dealt with and are dealing with so much more than my little family was at this one given time, but to me, it felt like a downpour of turmoil!
   I will honestly say that I broke into tears a couple times. I was actually scared of what else might be coming. What was that next phone call going to bring? Who was going to be puking next?
   It’s times like these that I always wonder how do people that do not have a relationship with our amazing and comforting Savior get through stuff like this? Where do they turn? How do they keep their composure? 

I said so many prayers, silent and out loud. I listened to worship music and sang those words out loud. I also read some devotionals out of a little book a friend had given me this summer. It’s amazing to me how much these things helped me. Just feeling God’s presence helped make it feel like I could conquer anything. Those feelings came and went a few times through all of this, but they were there every single time I was seeking the Lord’s help.
   So today I am BEYOND grateful for the relationship I have with my Lord and Savior! That He is always present when I ask him to be! I pray for those that do not have a relationship with God. May someone, even me, be put in their path and show them God’s love and share how he can help in good times and in bad.
   I pray that if you are facing turmoil that you will turn to God for comfort and peace! Say those prayers, get in the Word and sing those words out loud!

Next time it rains, may we all be ready for the downpour- with God by our side!


Jamie L.


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