Hold My Hand, My Ways are Pure!

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It’s a choice to have…

A life with Him, a life to live with Him, a life to have Faith in Him, a life that is Pure by His blood, a life surrounded by His Presence.

Thank goodness He gives us that life.  His love never fails.

I am so thankful Jesus never lets go of my hand, especially when I struggle with sin.  I am not perfect, by no means, but I know I can claim Jesus as my Savior and he will help purify me at any given moment.

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So rejoice in the Lord and be glad, all you who obey him!  Shout for joy, all whose hearts are pure!  Psalms 32:11

The last couple of days have been stressful at work for both my husband and I.  Balancing work, the children, the home, the pets, and our marriage can be very overcoming.  Before my husband and I know it, we are at each other’s throats, arguing, bickering, and nitpicking at each other’s faults.  Sound familiar?

At times like this, I think Jesus where are you to rescue us from this?   
If only we would call on Jesus to bring forth His Presence and help us.  But are we ready to hear Him, to let go of our Pride and what we think is right.

Then in the middle of the argument or making my point to my husband that I am right and he is wrong, the Holy Spirit shows up and whispers, “Just say sorry.”  And why is it so hard to say, “I am sorry.”   At this moment I have a choice, I can listen to the Holy Spirit or I can choose pride.  If I choose to listen, I will ask for forgiveness and the peace of the Holy Spirit will succumb the bitterness I am feeling towards my husband and I will begin to feel Holy Sprit’s Presence.  If I choose pride, I will deny the Presence of the Holy Spirit and all that He has to offer to teach me.

Pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.  Proverbs 11:2 

I can honestly say, I have denied the Holy Spirit at times, because of my prideful heart and my will to win the argument or make someone feel bad.  I have to ask myself, how does choosing pride help the situation?  Why do I enjoy adding fuel to the fire?  Why can’t I just ask for forgiveness?  Why do I always have to cast blame?  Why does my husband have to say sorry first?

I am so glad I can call on the Holy Spirit for help, and I am so glad that the Holy Spirit shows up!  His Presence has helped my marriage and has helped bring light to my husband and I.  Life is not easy, but with His Presence we can conquer anything together. 

Thank you Jesus that we can turn to Your Word and find just the right answers.  Thank you Jesus for Your Pure love so that we may learn from our mistakes and realize that a prideful heart can be harmful and can stop us from forgiveness and love.  Through your grace we are saved and we can learn from humbling ourselves and showing humility to others in order to gain your Godly wisdom to overcome us.  I am so thankful to Our Father who teaches us with lovingness and kindness. 

Whether you are in an argument with a friend, family member, coworker, or you differ in opinions about something.  Know this, you can call on the Holy Spirit’s wisdom to help you in the situation.  God is greater, and He has all the answers.  He teaches us how to forgive, how to show humility, how to love, and He lets us in to understanding His pure heart and His ways. 

Thank you for giving us a new life with You Jesus.   You are worthy of all our praise!

In Him,


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