The Incredible Power of Story

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It all started with Story.

“In the beginning, God created…”

As a novelist, the art of Story is a major part of my life. Even if I am not able to get my fingers to a keyboard, each day my mind roves to and fro, pondering some type of story.

Sometimes I write. Sometimes I read. Sometimes I listen.

In her book The Way of Story, Catherine Ann Jones says “Storytelling is not only the root of film, theatre, literature and culture, but of the life experience itself.” 

Old or new, fiction or truth, Story impacts our lives, our hearts, our souls. The words, the verse, the tone – they captivate us, drawing us in, making us long for more.

Story isn’t just a bunch of sentences stuck together. It captures our senses and stirs our emotions. 

Why is Story so powerful?

Because it’s timeless:

1) Story entertains. We enjoy the experience. We can’t help but focus our attention, longing to know the outcome of the journey, on edge until the very end. We laugh, we cry, we bond.

2) Story inspires. We feel encouraged, and hope arises within us. We know we can tackle the challenges life throws our way.

3) Story teaches. We see our needs, we admit our errors, and we rise above our mistakes. Lessons change us, making us better people.

4) Story connects. We are drawn to others who share the experience. We feel a sense of belonging, like we are not alone. We bond with those involved, whether listener or story-teller.

5) Story heals. We let the words sink into the painful parts of our soul, soothing our hurts. We receive comfort, and restoration begins within our hearts.

Story began with the Master Creator. And He passed the gift on to each of us.

Storytelling is not restricted to novelists or journalists. Whether creating something unique, or passing on a favorite, everyone call tell a story. Parents, teachers, car salesmen. We all have something to share.

So, what’s your story? Would you like to entertain, inspire, teach, connect, and heal? Here at ACWM, we are extending an invitation to tell your story!

We’re putting together a new program called In Her Shoes, where women just like you, in a short 5 minute video clip, will share a life experience that God helped them overcome. We would love to hear from you!

If you’re interested in the opportunity to share your story, send an email to Betty at 

Blessings, Jen


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I’m a wife, mom, blogger and novelist who also works a day job in the medical field. I grew up on the Columbia River Gorge, earned a BA in Psychology at Northwest University, and am currently very active in my church. My passion is inspiring women to seek Jesus in all aspects of life so they can recognize where they are living in bondage and be set free to live the abundant life God promises. You can connect with me at

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