Do You REALLY Believe in the Resurrection?

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The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is a story that church goers have heard over and over. We celebrate it each spring. We sing songs about it. We tell the story in movies, pageants, and books. 
Somewhere in the two thousand years since Jesus’ resurrection, we have lost something.  Early Christ-followers were so convinced of the resurrection that they risked their lives to spread the news. They were chained in dirty, filthy prisons for speaking of Jesus in public. As soon as they were released, they spoke of Him again. They could not contain the burning fire in their souls that demanded that they speak. They saw healing, deliverance, and complete transformations as the power of Jesus’ resurrection met everyday people.
When was the last time you or I saw any of those miracles?
When was the last time we saw a person freed from the chains of sin after encountering Jesus?
When was the last time we saw the Word of God used in prayer with dramatic results?
Well, maybe we really don’t believe in the resurrection like we say we do. Maybe our churches are declining because we have never seen God’s resurrection power in action. Maybe our lack of true belief is causing people to doubt the message.
Earlier this year, our pastor told the Sunday morning crowd that there are two ways to believe in Jesus. One form of belief agrees mentally that all these things are true. The other form of belief ACTS on these truths. Have we mentally agreed with the resurrection of Christ without applying this truth to life?
The same God who brought Jesus back to life is still alive and well. He longs for us to act in real faith. This faith insists that we make changes. It demands that we act like God’s Words are true.
Genuine belief does not let us stay comfortable in mental agreement. It forces us to make a decision about God’s Word. 
  • Are we going to study it, obey it, pray it, and live by it? 
  • Or are we just going to attend church, letting the pastor do all the studying for us? 

One is a challenging, but rewarding road. The other is easy, comfortable, and destructive.

If you really believe in Christ’s resurrection, I challenge you to let it change you. Let that life-giving power come into your heart as you read and study God’s Word. Allow it to sink in and bring new life to the dead parts inside you. 
God’s new life is like nothing you have ever experienced before. 


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