When Life Really Hurts

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Sometimes life hurts. 

No, that’s not a positive statement for starting a blog, but it’s an unavoidable fact. Sometimes life hands us awful, horrible situations. 

Before the horrible things come, we expect that we will trust God, that we will be strong, that we will overcome. But sometimes it just hurts too much. No matter how much we try, we just struggle and fail and wonder where we went wrong. We wonder where God went. We wonder what happened to our faith.

After all, wasn’t our faith in God supposed to bring us happiness and success? Maybe it did for awhile…until life dealt its stinky, nasty hand to us. Maybe it was divorce, a wayward child, a sickness, an accident, or a death. Or maybe it was just the difficulty of raising kids while trying to hold down a job and pay the bills. Maybe motherhood hasn’t been the sweet, dreamy life you expected. Maybe you had to move away from family and friends and now you feel hopelessly alone.

Whatever life has dealt us, we have to face it. We can’t run and hide. Life in a sin-cursed world is HARD!

When my stinky, nasty life-problems happened, I thought that if I just had enough faith, then I would able to live victoriously over my problems. Instead, the pressure and the pain weighed me down until I struggled to function each day. I took out my frustrations on those around me. I didn’t handle it well at all. I sinned against others in my pain.

The shame of my weakness hung over my head like a dark cloud of putrid guilt. It weighed me down–especially in the private moments. My failure in the midst of hardship haunted me…until I confessed my shame and my guilt to my friend. By saying it out loud, the power of that shame was broken. Almost immediately, I felt God’s healing begin.

When I humbled myself enough to verbalize my shame to another person, God brought healing. He blew away the clouds of stinky shame and breathed over my soul with the fresh wind of His Holy Spirit.

In the year since that confession, God has redeemed the life-problem that caused so much pain:
  • In place of despair, He brought hope. 
  • In the place of raw emptiness, He brought new passion. 
  • In the place of dry bones, He brought His abundant life.

When we don’t handle trouble well, God isn’t angry with us. He understands. Remember how much Jesus suffered for us on the cross? He KNOWS what suffering feels like. Jesus alone knows how to get through suffering without sin. He remembers that “we are only dust” (Psalm 103:14). 

  • Confess your failures to Him in the presence of a trusted friend. 
  • Rest in the comfort of His presence. 
  • Let Him hold you as you cry. 

Then watch the clouds of shame fly away in the presence of His healing Spirit. Enjoy the fresh air that brings with it more blessings than you can imagine. Celebrate the way God redeems your hurts and creates beauty from them. 

“Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows.But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”–John 16:33b NLT


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Carol is a wife, mom, piano teacher, and blogger for Alaska Christian Women’s Ministry. Having grown up in church, life made her dissatisfied with empty religious traditions and trite answers. She discovered that Jesus alone is the way to real life and true contentment. Ever stumbling and learning herself, she invites her readers to experience God’s love and forgiveness like never before. Read more at CarolDunfee.com.

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