Guest Post: Growing by Leaps and Bounds

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In Friday’s blog, we talked about the fires of new life that are spreading through us. Here is another example of how studying the Word of God can make a difference in your life. Blogger and author, Kristena Tunstall, has experienced healing, freedom, and hope since she began studying the Bible in a new way…

Doing the Study Guide at the back of Jen Hatmaker’s book A Modern Girl’s Guide to Bible Studycompletely changed my life.
 First, and foremost, this one, simple, 5-week study guide taught me how to study the Bible On My Own. In order to do this before this book I always used a Bible study topic specific kind of book that someone else wrote. It’d have Bible passages to look up and questions to answer, just like Jen’s, but the key difference was I always put my answer directly into the book itself. Also, the questions asked were THE ones you answered. You didn’t have a list to choose from.
 With Jen’s book, it’s not a Bible study book like in the one described above. It’s an actual nonfiction book with a total of eight chapters to read. The best part of the book, for me at least, was the study guide at the back of the book. As for working through this you needed something to write in or on (i.e. binder paper, notebook, journal, etc.). Then you will be asked to either read a chapter in the book or verse(s) in the Bible and answer some questions she has listed. As for the questions themselves, the choice is 100% yours to make as to which ones you answer. Sometimes I’d do the amount she suggested or I’d do more, depending on how the questions spoke to me.
 By the time I’d worked through all 5-weeks (which took me about 7 J), I was literally a changed person. My relationship with God has never been closer than it is now. I realized the lies Satan had telling me for all these years where I wasn’t good enough and was always wrong were just thatLIES!!! My confidence soared.
 I’ve had severe frustration issues for as far back as I can remember to where I could blow up so easily. God had already been working on them with me. However, it was through Jen’s study that a significant noticeable difference became evident to those closest to me. I had a peace about me. Others around me have actually been able to see that change in me.
 What’s so awesome is I’ve now studied the entire book of James on my own and now I’m working through Ephesians. I know if Carol hadn’t told me about this study back in September when I needed it the most, I wouldn’t’ be where I am today.
 I decided to share my journal entries as I went through this study guide on my website. If interested, you can go to

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