Light the Fire!

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 Remember when Moses found the burning bush in the wilderness? God got his attention and gave him directions for saving a nation. 
Remember when the Holy Spirit appeared above the first Christ-followers right after Jesus ascended into heaven? The flame of the Holy Spirit spread through the city, then the country, and then the world. 
That flame is still available to us today. Jesus is calling each of us to come to Him. He wants to light our hearts on fire with His love and the power of the Spirit.
He is calling us to throw aside the security blanket of passive Christianity in order to dig deep into Jesus. We need to stop being satisfied with safe platitudes and run after Jesus until we find LIFE…real, powerful life that comes from God alone.
For the last year, Alaska Christian Women’s Ministry has witnessed a grass-roots movement of women turning to God with their whole hearts. Many of these women have used the tool of renewed Bible study to rekindle their passion for Jesus. We have seen this God-fire in our own lives. Now it is spreading to others. It is contagious! It is life-giving!
Here are stories from two of my friends. Read in their own words how Bible study has brought new life to them. Jen Hatmaker’s book, A Modern Girl’s Guide to Bible Study, gave them the tools they needed and showed how us normal people can do it…

“I feel like I didn’t really understand how to go about reading the Bible. When I opened this book it all made sense. I wasn’t alone in feeling like this, I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know where to start, I wasn’t alone in feeling that what I read at times I couldn’t comprehend and I wasn’t the only one that didn’t understand what it meant to really BE STILL and listen to the Holy Spirit. Jen Hatmaker is such a ‘real’ writer she puts her own life experiences out there. She is down to earth and very funny. She guides you to your new way of reading and understanding God’s Word and she puts it so simply.

“I followed along with a highlighter and some sticky tabs to mark throughout the book verses she had for us or encouraging words she had that I may need to look up again and I also marked all of the information on the instructions on how to start, where to go next and it’s been a great guide. I can honestly say I did not know how to truly read my Bible with clarity, understanding and enjoyment until I read A Modern Girls Guide to Bible Study. It will change your life forever!”

–Jennifer Golab (administrator for ACWM’s Forget Me Not ministry) 

And here’s another…

“Jen Hatmaker’s book, A Modern Girl’s Guide to Bible Study, has completely changed the way I read and study my Bible.  I had always gone to a Bible study where someone else was officiating and lecturing on a specific subject that I wanted to learn more about; I took notes and learned a little, but really, I gained more quality fellowship time with friends than fellowship time with God.  I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this method of Bible study, however, Jen’s book showed me how to be my own officiator.  She explains how to use the tools you probably already have at home, like a few different translations, a concordance, study Bible and provides a plethora of questions you can ask yourself to get you thinking and speaking with the Holy Spirit. I am now able to open my Bible(s), start where I want to start, with either a topic or a specific book of the Bible and allow the Holy Spirit to guide ME.  Now, I am fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit; learning, listening, being convicted, being renewed.  I would highly recommend this book!” 

–Jennifer McKinnie (webmaster for Alaska Christian Women’s Ministry)

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Study the Bible for yourself. Let it light a fire in your heart.


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