Reaching Your Goal: Part 4, Stay Positive

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Goal: something you’re trying to do or achieve; the end toward which effort is directed

So far we’ve discussed staying organized, staying inspired, and staying focused.

Today, let’s chat about…

Staying Positive: The power of encouraging thoughts/words. 

The power of faith has been proven time and again. Believing in yourself is an important tool in reaching any goal or dream.

The truth is, we can do just about anything if we try hard enough. My Mama always told me ‘you create your world with your words’.

It’s our choice: be positive and see good happen, or be negative and live in defeat.

Never say: I’ll never make it, this is too hard, it’s too much work, I don’t have a way to pay for it, I’m too stupid or dumb, I don’t have the right tools, no one will help me, there are too many complications, there is too much stacked against me, etc.

Instead, say things like: Reaching a dream takes hard work and perseverance, anything is possible if I just believe, I am smart and dedicated, I’ve totally got this, look at how far I’ve come, I can do this, it will be worth it in the end, God will give me the strength and courage I need, etc.

Can saying something often enough make it true? Absolutely! Within reason, of course. I’ll never be full-blooded Japanese, no matter how hard I try. I’ll never be a gold-medalist in the Olympics because I never trained for it. I’ll never be able to go back in time to stop my mother from dying of cancer.

But what I can do is keep a positive attitude on my journey, focus on the good in my life, and have faith in a bright future.

The Bible says “Everything is possible for those who believe.” (Mark 9:23)

Do you believe?

Blessings, Jen


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