Reaching Your Goal: Part 3, Stay Focused

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Goal: Something you’re trying to do or achieve; the end toward which effort is directed. 

This month we’ve been exploring ways to stay motivated when trying to achieve a specific goal. We must be intentional and refuse to quit. But how do we do that?

First, we talked about staying organized.
Then we discussed staying inspired.
Today, we’ll cover how to…

Stay Focused: Keep a log of accomplishments along the way.

  • Keep track of how far you’ve come. When you’re feeling discouraged, reminding yourself of where you used to be can help revive your determination. Mark each step off your list, one at a time. Thank goodness you’re not back at the beginning! You don’t have as much to overcome now. Remember often what you’ve accomplished so far!
  • Jot notes in a personal journal. Many successful professionals keep a journal. I started journaling in high school and have found it very helpful. Every now and then I skim through it, remembering the struggles I went through and how I overcame them. The pride that comes from overcoming the past can fuel your efforts for the future.
  • Carry a list where ever you go so you can easily reference it. This is only something I recently started. The point is to keep it handy so you can keep reminding yourself of where you’re at on the journey. What’s the next step? What needs your attention in this moment? 
  • Remind yourself of the reason you started this journey.  In the midst of the toils of life, we can forget what motivated us in the first place. Go back to the beginning when you wrote down why the goal is important to you. Why are you doing this? What did you hope to accomplish?

Remember:Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

What other tools can help keep a person focused and motivated on the end goal?

Next week we’ll cover how to say positive!

Blessings, Jen

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