Reaching Your Goals: Part 2, Stay Inspired

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Goal: something that you are trying to do or achieve; the end toward which effort is directed

Reaching a goal takes perseverance, and staying motivated can be tricky. We must be intentional if we want to succeed. Last week I shared some tips on staying organized. This week, I want to share tips for finding inspiration.

Stay Inspired: Keep Your Passion Alive!

+ Go outdoors; get some fresh air and exercise to clear your head.

The cumulative pressures of life make it hard to think straight at times. Being physically active, surrounding ourselves with nature, and breathing fresh air can give us a better perspective on reaching our goals. Sometimes when I need some inspiration on a project, I take a long walk outdoors.

+ Find music, movies, or books that motivate and then focus on them often.
Some forms of entertainment are meant to raise our spirits while others can cause us to feel down. If we’re getting discouraged, we can choose to listen to uplifting music, songs about achieving our dreams or something fun. We can watch a movie or read a book about someone who overcame the odds. If we focus on entertainment that brings us down, we’ll find it harder to stay motivated.

+ Surround yourself with encouraging people; develop a support system.
When we have others telling us we can do it, it boosts our determination to succeed. Or better yet, they join us in the journey! Such as an exercise partner or taking a class with us. When I was working toward better health a while back, I had a friend who would text me inspiring messages like “You love water!” 

+ Look at beautiful things (flower gardens, the ocean or waterfalls, statues or sculptures, paintings, etc.)
Traveling can be very refreshing because of beautiful scenery or artistic structures. There’s just something about nature and art that makes us feel good inside. It helps us to relax and feel at peace, which can spark new motivation for accomplishing goals. When I come home from a trip, I’m always ready to type up a bunch of new blog posts I compiled in my head.

+ Pin up inspiring quotes or artwork in your living space.
When we find things that inspire us and look at them often, it helps us stay focused. We’re constantly reminded of what we want to accomplish and what we need in order to get there. “Out of sight, out of mind” is very true; we can’t achieve a goal that we rarely think about. When I was writing novels, I kept a personal quote from a best-selling author up on my desk to remind me that my work had potential. When I was trying to cut back on junk food, I put up health quotes on my fridge.

How can you be more inspired to reach your goals this year? 

Next week we’ll share how to stay focused!

Blessings, Jen



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