Reaching Your Goals: Part 1, Stay Organized

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Goal: something that you are trying to do or achieve; the end toward which effort is directed

Have you ever set a goal at the beginning of a new year?

And then gave up because you couldn’t figure out how to reach it? 

As I’ve been pondering what it will take to achieve my personal goals for the year, I reviewed some of my old blog posts for tips. Reaching a goal takes perseverance, and staying motivated can be tricky. We must be intentional.

This month let’s explore 4 tips for reaching our goals.

Stay Organized: Follow routines and make plans.

  • Keep materials and resources within easy reach. It’s easy to skip an activity if we don’t have everything ready when we need it. 

To be more active, you need to have your work-out clothes or gym bag in one location all the time (and keep up on the laundry!). To expand your garden, you must have a water hose of appropriate length. To sow a blanket, you need material and thread near the sowing machine.

  • Keep files in a central location and name them all the same way so they are easy to find later. We are easily defeated when we can’t find an item we need. 

To learn to be a better cook, you must have the recipes in one spot and some type of order. To be a better photographer, you must choose a system for keeping track of the photos, such as date or subject. To get better at balancing the checkbook, you need all your financial information in one spot, and easily accessible. 

  • Create a routine for practicing or contributing to your goal. We’re more likely to stick with a project if we plan it into our schedule – and protect that time. 

To get more sleep at night, you must go to bed and get out of bed at close to the same time every day. To get better at playing the piano, you must choose dates and times to practice. To get more written on your novel, you must schedule a block of time each week. To get more accurate with your new pistol, you must plan out times to go to the shooting range.

How can you be more organized in reaching your goals this year? 

Next week we’ll share how to stay inspired!

Blessings, Jen

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