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I have always loved the innocence of children.  The way they see the world is fascinating and so different from how we see things and interact.  When my oldest son was about three, we were driving and he suddenly screeched, “Mommy!!  Look at that beautiful car!”  To you and I, the car looked like a big old hot mess.  It had a blue door, a red hood, and was held together with more Bondo than metal.  To him, it was a beautiful mobile rainbow.  A few weeks ago, while waiting for paint to be mixed at the hardware store, my youngest son suddenly said, ” my brother lost a tooth.”  The sweet man gently looked up and smiled, revealing that he had no front teeth.  The first story shows us how children see beauty in everyday things, the second is how simple things are in the eyes of a child.

We have spent the past month and a half visiting churches in our new town, desperately searching for a new church home.  One of the first churches we visited was a large Baptist church in the middle of town.  The program was very similar to us and we settled right in. Just like our previous church, right before the sermon, the offering plates were passed.  My oldest child has been sitting with us in “big church” for some time and was accustomed to his great-grandmother giving him a dollar to place in the offering.  When the plate came our way, he looked around desperately and then reached in his little pocket.  He had a tiny pencil sharpener that someone had given him a few days earlier (who knows why he had put it in his pants pocket that morning!).  He very tenderly and sweetly placed the pencil sharpener in the offering plate.  It was all he had to give.

I firmly believe that at that moment our Father in heaven looked down and smiled.  Doesn’t he want us to give all we have to glorify him?  Doesn’t he want us to see the beauty he created for us all around?  I believe we should all try looking at our world with the innocence of a child.  If we look for the beauty and the simplicity of things, we might all find that we have a little more to give.

Matthew 18:3 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Prayers to All!
Mommy B

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