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I am so excited for our house guests to come! I want everything to be just right for them…their room, the bathroom, the house, the kids. As I try to finish these last-minute preparations, I keep finding things left undone.

I reprimand myself for not keeping things more tidy, for letting little messes build up. Then I find even more messes left by the kids. 
Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. 
The more I find to do, the closer the arrival of their airplane comes. Panic creeps in. Will they be disgusted by the stinky shoes by the door? Will they find something nasty in their bedroom? Will the piles of paper in the kitchen (that reappeared after last weekend’s cleaning) look messy to them? Will I have enough time to make their bed before going to the airport? 
Suddenly, while scrubbing the shower, I hear a still small voice. It reminds me of a story I just read. 

Jesus and his disciples were in a remote place, attempting to rest after a season of miracles and ministry. They were exhausted and needed to unwind, but the crowds found them anyways. Of course, no one had enough food to feed the 5,000 men and their wives and children. 

The disciples were understandably stressed by the dilemma. They asked Jesus what to do. He told the to bring WHAT THEY HAD. Miraculously, Jesus made that little bit of food stretch far enough to feed over 5,000 people!!

While I was berating myself for not doing more, the Holy Spirit reminded me that my best is enough. Not because it is good enough on its own—but because Jesus performs a miracle to make it good enough. Jesus loves to take my simple offerings and make them good enough for is purposes. 

We don’t have to be ENOUGH for every situation. We have a GOD who is ENOUGH for us. What a relief!


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Carol is a wife, mom, piano teacher, and blogger for Alaska Christian Women’s Ministry. Having grown up in church, life made her dissatisfied with empty religious traditions and trite answers. She discovered that Jesus alone is the way to real life and true contentment. Ever stumbling and learning herself, she invites her readers to experience God’s love and forgiveness like never before. Read more at CarolDunfee.com.

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