Passion Isn’t Enough

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My third-grade classroom had a piano in it. 
That simple fact changed my life. 
Our teacher played it often during classroom sing-alongs. I loved her piano-playing so much that I played “piano” on tabletops whenever possible. I dreamed of making music of my own. I begged my parents relentlessly to let me take piano lessons. 
This is the piano my parents purchased
when I started piano.
It has followed our family to five different states.

By October of my fourth-grade year, I met Dad’s prerequisite for piano lessons–typing 20 words per minute on an electric typewriter. Each morning, I got up and worked on the typewriter before school. My passion was strong! 

By November, we had a piano in our home and I started piano lessons. I flew through the first few books. My teacher, Mr. Harville,was a kind old gentleman who fed my passion for music. I could not get enough. 
Fast forward three years. We moved to another state. My encouraging teacher was replaced by an
average one. We had no recitals. The songs were boring. My passion was gone. I didn’t want to practice or go to lessons. Thankfully, my parents stepped in, had my teacher change a few things, and before long, I was playing in our small church for occasional specials. (Disaster averted!!) Because my parents didn’t let my sudden lack of passion control their decisions about my piano lessons, I now have a life-long profession, hobby, and creative outlet. 
Have you ever had a passion for a new way of eating? I have!! I hit the new foods with gusto, pumped by the results….but when busy-ness and fatigue set it, I revert to old comfort foods. 
Have you found a new passion for prayer? I definitely have!! I reeled in amazement at the immediate answers to prayers…but when the results were less than instant, it was harder to stay excited. With the dwindling of the initial passion, it’s much harder to be consistent. 
Was I wrong to have that passion? NO!!! Absolutely not! 
The problem was that I depended too much on that passion to keep me engaged. I expected my emotions to keep me on track. I didn’t set up a framework outside myself to maintain that habit. 

“Commit your works to the LORD, And your thoughts will be established.”
Proverbs 16:3 NKJV

The framework my parents provided for piano helped re-engage me in the excitement of performing. That engagement rekindled my passion.  
The same can also be true in my adult life. 
I get excited about Bible study and prayer, so I dive in every chance I get. After a few weeks, the newness wears off and the demands of life get in the way. If I am not continually finding new things in Bible study or finding answers to prayer, my passion weakens even more. I find myself doing it less and less. 
I can fix this passion-leak by setting aside time in my week where Bible study and prayer are what I do at that time on that day. I ask God to help me keep those appointments. By re-engaging with Bible study and prayer on purpose, I allow my passion to be fed. Being consistent becomes easier.
The end result: My exterior framework preserves the habit–which fuels my passion for the habit. 
I cannot depend on passion to get me through life, or piano, or marriage, or ANYTHING. Passion is a wonderful thing to have, but it is fragile. It must be fed and nurtured. Passion cannot survive when there is no structure supporting it. 

To do:

  1. Find a passion for __________.
  2. Make _________ a part of your routine. (Find a friend to do it with you, create deadlines, get an accountability partner, etc.)
  3. Let the routine fuel your passion for _________. 

“Commit your works to the LORD, And your thoughts will be established.”
Proverbs 16:3 NKJV


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