What I Learned About God From Studying the Eye

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Image courtesy of Eyesight Laser Surgery Center in Sydney

  One of my favorite classes in college was Cognitive  
  Psychology, probably because it was taught by one of 
  my favorite professors, Dr. Leach. 

  As a psychology major, I found most of my classes  
  fascinating. But one day during my Cog Psych class, Dr.
  Leach began explaining the anatomy of the eye.

  While I usually find science rather boring, I was struck
  by how cleverly the eye was designed (can I get a shout
  out to our amazing Creator?!)
  Dr. Leach reminded us of a familiar Bible story – 
  the blind man who was healed by Jesus (John chapter 9).
  He challenged the class to really consider just how big this
  miracle was. This man was blind from birth and had never
  seen anything in his life.


Jesus didn’t just suddenly make the eyes see again – it was so much more than that.

He restored the connection between the eyes and the brain.

He reactivated the nerve impulses that sends the images.

He healed the man’s mind so it would accurately interpret the data received by the eye.

The entire system was restored.

Our body is an amazing gift. We must never take it for granted. Nor must we downplay just how amazing Jesus’ miracles really were.

Today doctors can correct a small percentage of blindness, but they need surgical equipment. Jesus only used mud!

Since that day I have never looked at the eye, or Jesus, the same.

Blessings, Jen

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