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From Psalm 27

Thou Lord has said, “Seek My face…”
My heart replies, “Thy face I seek…”

Thou Lord has said, “Require My Presence…”
My heart replies, “Your Presence, Lord, I require…”

Thou Lord has said, “Come and talk with me…”
My heart replies, ” I am coming, Lord…”

Thou Lord has said, “Do this as I am your vital need…”
My heart replies, “Lord, I need you, Lord…”

To be personally invited into the Presence of the Lord is almost more than my heart can bear.  And, yet, it is the very desire of my heart – to be seen, to be wanted, to be known by someone greater than “I.”  Even more, to be cared for, loved, helped, and protected – the very beat of my heart cries out for such love and intimacy.

Lord, You are truly my vital necessity.  Vital. Vital signs are what we look for when someone has been physically damaged – they are indicators of the “state of life.” 

Lord, You are vital for me.  My life is caught up in Yours.  Without You, I am awash in an angry sea and the world swirls around me in uncontrollable motion.  Many times I have been afraid, Lord.  Many times the agony of brokenness, aloneness, and inadequacy have all but swallowed me whole.

The enemies of fear, rejection, and shame darken my way…

But, You, Lord are Light!  I see!
You, Lord, are Salvation! I am rescued!
You, Lord, are my Refuge!  I am cared for!
You, Lord, are my Stronghold! I am protected!
You, Lord, are my ever-Present God!  I am NEVER alone!

You are my vital necessity.

You say to me, “Seek my face…”
My heart thrills! And shouts! With joy! “Your face I seek!!”

Thank You, Jesus for making Life possible.

I love You.

Because of Him,


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