“I See Dead People”, Part 2….or Power for the War Room

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In part 1, I shared my story of God bringing me back to life (in the spiritual sense, of course). After hitting the “publish” button for that blog, I knew I had to return to that passage. Something was tickling the back of my mind.
I listened to the video of “Come Alive (Dry Bones)” again and noticed a link to the story behind the song. The guy in that video mentioned briefly that Ezekiel had to speak to the dry bones before God brought them back to life. Hmmmm… That’s it!! That was the feather tickling my brain.
Two nights later, I opened the Bible to Ezekiel 37 again. I took notes on the word, prophesy. It’s not a common word in modern English, expect for in Christian circles. Even then, it can take on ambiguous meanings.
According to dictionary.com, some of the word’s definitions include:
·         “To make inspired declarations of what is to come”
·         “To speak as a mediator between God and human kind, or in God’s stead”
Bingo! Those definitions certainly fit Ezekiel’s words over the dry bones. He spoke God’s words about what was to come. He spoke as a mediator between God and the dry bones.
I’m sure that Bible scholars have discussed the application of Ezekiel’s prophesy for thousands of years. Does it apply to Israel only? Is it merely symbolic of what God does for His followers? Is it predicting a rebuilding and revival of the church? I honestly don’t know…but I noticed that ALL three of these possible applications include a common series of events…
  • God told a man what He was going to do.
  • The man spoke it, as instructed by God.
  • It happened.

Suddenly, the words of a song from Jesus Culture began swirling through my head:

“Jesus only did what He saw You do.
Jesus only said what He heard You speak.
He would only move when He felt You lead,
Following Your heart, following Your Spirit.
How can I expect to walk without You,
When every word that Jesus said was in surrender?”

The basis for that song comes from John 12:49-50 (ESV), where Jesus said,
“For I have not spoken on my own authority, but the Father who sent me has himself given me a commandment—what to say and what to speak. And I know that his commandment is eternal life. What I say, therefore, I say as the Father has toldme.”  (emphasis added)
The words jumped off the page at me! Jesus HIMSELF was told by God what to speak. He spoke it. God brought everlasting life!! Was Ezekiel another picture of what Jesus HIMSELF was going to do??
What if…what if THIS is actually what prayer means?
What if we have had it wrong all this time?
What if prayer is actually LISTENING to God first—finding out what HE wants to do?
What if prayer is then simply SPEAKING what God wants to accomplish…and then watching it happen??
Ezekiel could have stood before the valley of dry bones and mourned the death of so many. He could have begged God to raise them up. He could have found a shovel and given each of those bones a decent resting place.
But he didn’t. He simply listened to God. He simply spoke those words in faith. Because he did, an entire army came back to life.
Let’s stop trying to manufacture our own power in prayer. Let’s stop our begging and pleading. Let’s get back to the source of the power. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide us. Let’s search the Bible. Find out what God wants to do. 
Listen. The Spirit might speak in a whisper, in a Bible verse, in a song…
Then SAY it.

And watch God act…


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