Fusion 2015 – Success Follows Sacrifice

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Don’t you love being a part of events that make a difference in people’s lives?

Fusion Alaska is a large state-wide youth conference hosted by the Anchorage Baptist Temple, in cooperation with several other churches. Hundreds of teens come to Anchorage to hear God’s word through music and lectures. And each year many come to know Jesus personally! This year 640 kids registered from 30 churches.

Helping at an event like this means that sacrifices of time, energy, and money must be made.

Giving: I taught some classes again this year. Last time I talked about how to follow your dreams, and I taught an all-girls class about beauty, boys and the Bible. I was surprised at the number of students who flocked to my room, and had to bring in 20 more chairs so they could all fit.

This year I talked about how divorce affects children and how they can make the most of it. I didn’t have nearly as many students, which made the discussions more laid back. There were some tears shed, but I could see that each one of them really took in the truths offered from God’s word. And it made all that preparation time at my computer worth the effort.  

Blessing: ACWM organized a hospitality room for the teachers and staff so they had a place to take a break and eat some food. Watching over a group of teens can be exhausting! Betty and Cina set up tables and stayed most of the day to make sure the workers were taken care of, and I was thrilled they asked for my help.

All the muffins I made were gobbled up. Thursday evening, after spending most of the day running kids around to various places and teaching 2 classes, I started baking muffins at 9:30pm. I didn’t get as much sleep as I wanted, but knowing that I helped bless the event staff was a good feeling.

Receiving: My children both attended the event, and for my daughter, it was the first time she went. To see her hanging out with her friends, having a good time at church always warms my heart. But when she comes home to tell me the things that she learned, that brings my heart near to bursting.

I know this is a week that she won’t soon forget. Not just because she got all 4 autographs from Audio Adrenaline, but because God spoke into her soul.

As I think about all the volunteers who worked so hard to make this possible, I am amazed at the love of God’s people. 

Giving to events like this leaves a permanent mark on the lives of others. I went to bed Friday evening tired, and yet full of joy.

I thought about all those people still in that building cleaning up while I’m snuggled under the covers with droopy eyes. I thought about how happy I was to be part of something that made a difference in the lives of some hurting kids. And I thought about my own two children, who were changed by being there.

All because several people who love Jesus decided to give.

We don’t all have to go out and create huge conferences. There are many areas where we can spread God’s love. Where are you serving? What are you sacrificing? How are you giving?

Blessings, Jen


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