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This is a special message MOMS need to hear:

I don’t want to miss out on all who they are and who they’re becoming. Finding quality time with all four of them AND getting housework done AND meals prepared AND homeschooling them, all while loving my amazing husband, seems like a daunting task. Maybe one day I’ll crawl above the mess. But maybe I shouldn’t wish for that. Maybe just maybe I just need to relax, let time be what it is, enjoy these moments, live under GRACE, and accomplish what I accomplish. I know many of us feel the same way. The amazing thing is we’ve all been given gifts. Been gifted in different ways. It may be hard to see beyond the chaos to what those gifts are. But as we live life they come out. We all may not be the best housekeepers. Or the best cooks. Or organizers. We aren’t perfect mothers. We’re not the most amazing wives. But we are gifted. We are loved. We are made to live out to who we are. We have to look no further than to the one who has and will and does accomplishes all. Who did it all for me. Who loved me. And still loves me. Who sees pass the filth and imperfection and clothes me with His righteousness. So now I am able to live out this identity. Daughter of the most amazing Father. Who saw me. Who loved me. And gave His life so that I could be His. So now from this perspective, I am able to believe this good news. And do the best with the gifts I have been given. By just being who I am. And who I was created to be.

~This great post was published with permission from Amber.  

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