When To Stand Up For Yourself…And When To Be Silent

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Last week someone really hurt my heart.

I requested one thing and I got the exact opposite. My concerns were completely ignored and determined to be invalid. In a situation where I should have felt secure and protected, I was cast aside and trampled.

When I tried to question how it was handled, all I got was rationalization in return. I was basically informed that my opinion didn’t matter and I needed to get over it.

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to respond when we’re mistreated. Our old nature wants to stamp it’s feet and demand justice. I planned out in my head how to approach this person who offended me, to stand up for myself and plead my case with scriptures.

But God told me to be silent. 

He reminded me that He is my Defender
It is His job to avenge (Rom12:19), and He brings about justice in due time (Psalm 94). I don’t always have to stand up for my rights, because He’s got my back (Luke 18). It may sometimes feel like they are ‘getting away’ with mistreating me, but God will bring me vindication, if I am willing to trust Him and wait (Psalm 7:8).

Jesus knows exactly how it feels to be mocked, misunderstood, falsely accused, and taken for granted. Yet Jesus remained silent at his trial while his attackers hurled accusations and insults. He was able to stand strong because he knew God had a greater purpose

During the second year of our marriage, my husband was required to work 12 hour days at no extra pay. Rather than argue with his boss, he struggled to be faithful to his job. After nearly a year, his boss was fired. When the corporate office questioned my husband about shoddy business practices, he was able to explain himself. And they gave him a check for a third of a year’s wages!

My dad used to say that God always pays His debts. If He allows you into a situation where you are mistreated, and you handle it with grace, then He will repay you, and it’s typically more than what you actually earned.

There is a time when we must stand up for ourselves.

But there is also a time when we must be silent and let God work on our behalf. 

“LORD, you have seen the wrong done to me. Uphold my cause!” Lamentations 3:5

Blessings, Jen

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