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Sometimes God shows us big truths in little ways. He reminded me of this last week while our family was at a Christian camp. I almost hesitate to share it, because it was such a simple lesson.

Our family was asked to provide a little sing-along music for the camp kids each night. The only stipulations were that it be music kids would enjoy and that it be different than the CEF songs they sang in the morning. We planned for my husband to play bass, for the girls to sing along, and for me to sing and lead from the keyboard. All went pretty well the first night, even though a minor cold had made me a little hoarse. (I’m not a soloist, so singing is a bit scary for me.) As soon the first night of music was done, my singing voice was shot. Done. Gone. As in, singing made me squeak like a junior high boy!
I asked God to make my voice come back by the next evening. It didn’t.  However, two other camp staff COULD sing. They teamed up with our girls and sang with us the next three nights. I was able to sing just long enough to teach the songs in rehearsal. After that, they took over with enthusiasm. Not only did we have lots of singers, but the camp kids loved the extra interaction from the stage. They sang well the first night, but they were even better the following nights. The kids even learned a three-part accapella song sung in a “round”!!
So what did God teach me through this “unanswered” prayer??
1. His “no” really means that He has something better in store. The other singers interacted with the audience much more that I could from a keyboard while reading words, chords, and trying to play the right notes. 
2. Sometimes He has us fill different roles than we expect. 
3. When we put our egos aside, God can accomplish more than we anticipated. 
Again, it was a silly object lesson…but sometimes those are the most effective. Now I need to watch how to apply this in my life.
Where is God saying “no” so that He can provide the best?
Where do I need to fill a different role?
Where do I need to get my pride out of the way so He can work?

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