A Child Can Be A Witness of Jesus

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What would you say to a child when he/she began to tell you the stories of the Old Testament?  Or the Gospel?  
I will never forget the time when a student of mine, who was in first grade, told me about these wonderful and beautiful stories.  This one remarkable little boy, who was 6 years old, witnessed to me about Jesus and the love He has for all of us.
At the time, I was working at a beautiful christian school.  I knew Jesus, at least I thought I did.  Afterall, I worked at a christain school, I was a mom of 3 beautiful children, I was a faithful wife, and we would attend church on an occasional Sunday, or maybe just for the holidays.  All until that one day…
My first year of teaching at the christian school, I was embraced with love and kindness, and a new curriculum I wasn’t used too.  Jesus’ word was a part of every lesson I taught.  I even had to teach Bible Lessons, which I thought at the time was a, “no brainer.”  I would tell myself, “I got this, I know Jesus and He knows me.”
As the days went on and I began to get in the routine of things.  I started to teach the Bible curriculum; at first everything went well.   We began the school year teaching the Book of Genesis and proceeded in chronological order through the Old Testament.  

As we began to learn stories from the Book of Exodus and stories about the Israelites, I began to realize I just did not know these stories well enough.  I started on a lesson one day, and unfortunately I messed it all up.  Then Joshua appeared.  He began to teach these stories with such delight in his eyes that I was mesmerized by his knowledge and wisdom.  Wow, he was a great storyteller.  He witnessed to not only me, but to all his classmates about The True Word of God. 
From that day on, Jesus showed me that a child could be a witness of His love and affection.  The stories of the Old Testament were so captivating.  I remember thinking, why I haven’t I heard these stories before.  Jesus was telling me, because it is only now you are ready to hear them, and it is your time to accept my mercy and grace.
During the the next couple of weeks a dangerous road began to unravel all around me. With the help of His witnesses and Joshua, Jesus led me on the right track.  If you have ever felt that you are not worthy, loved, cared for, not good enough, or just can’t seem to get things right, stick with me, and I will witness to you all that Jesus did for me and my family.  And to think he caught my attention with a sweet little 6 year old boy, named Joshua!

He can bring you back to place of forgiveness and grace.  For He loved the world so much he gave his only son Jesus to us.  He can undo what we have become.  So that we may be His living word through our testimony!
Thank you Jesus for being our Redeemer, Helper, Chosen One, and Everlasting Father!

Romans 8:32, John 3:16, John 14:10

In Him,


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