Just a blessed day!

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I took this picture yesterday on a drive from Soldotna to the Portage area yesterday. It is absolutely amazing to me how majestic God’s tapestry is, especially here in Alaska. So many beautiful photo opportunities, but my trip would have been really long if I had stopped for all of them.

I was driving for a field trip with my daughter and her fellow 2nd graders to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center near Portage Glacier turn off. Not only was the drive so beautiful but the weather at our destination was even more amazing!! Sunny, warm, and no wind! Anyone familiar with that area knows how uncommon that combination is. Our guide Kelli shared multiple times how they do not get weather like that, like ever. She even gave a simple statement that she thought someone else must have known we were coming and allowed for such great weather. (Giving God some glory right there!) Even when a breeze did start, it wasn’t too bad and actually felt really nice!

Here is a picture I took from ‘the point’ at AWCC. The center is nestled right in the middle of 4 valleys, 2 mountain ranges and multiple bodies of water, that may paint a better picture as to why their weather isn’t always ideal. Just look at that view!

I loved that we got to see and get pretty close to some amazing wildlife at the center! The kids loved that part SO much! But I honestly just couldn’t get over how God blessed us on this day. All animals were up and awake. Many of them came right to fence. We could literally touch caribou, musk ox, bison, elk, and if there wasn’t that extra barrier, even some brown bears. We got quite a show from them and the grizzly bear. Kids were shocked at how big they really are! And even more shocked when one stood on his hind legs and was trying to pick a fight with the grizzly after our guide said the words ‘hot dog’. (She said he must have really thought she was going to toss him down a treat) She had to distract him by throwing a couple apples over the fence into the water.

Not one child in our large group complained about the walking they were doing or that we were about 1 hour past our scheduled lunch time. That is a true blessing for all parent volunteers!

Many children shared their thoughts of how great the center was, how awesome the animals were, how happy they were that we had good weather and I even heard a few kids say that “God blessed us today”. That last one was something I definitely appreciated! My kids attend public school and I am not sure what percentage attends church or even believes in God, but I know some don’t do either. So to hear that come from 4 different students throughout the day was awesome to me! And I was even more elated to hear my own child say it! I’m glad that she sees that beauty and the blessings and knows where they ultimately come from!

Here she is, my sweet Brooklyn!
So I know my post for today seems more like a journal entry or something but I just was really blessed yesterday and I wanted to share that with you. Often times we get wrapped up in what isn’t going our way or what we need to work on or change. I think lots of my posts have been in reference to those things actually. I just felt that a post more focused on something great was needed!
I was blessed yesterday with great weather, God’s amazing beauty and time spent with my sweet 8 year old girl! What are you blessed with today?

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