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Healing is a process.  Emotional healing is very complicated and difficult.  It is compounded by our desire to have someone actually care and walk the distance with us and the wake-up call that no one does (because only ONE can). Additionally, emotional healing cannot be “seen.”  If you break your leg – “Well, may I sign your cast?”   But if it’s your heart or your mind that is broken – “Just build a bridge and get over it.” 
When I was in Kindergarten, I lost my mittens.  After school, I dug through the lost and found box and found them. Consequently, I missed my bus.  Thinking I was bigger than I really was, I decided to walk home.  (Warning: this pattern repeated itself many times in my life..) I merrily skipped my way, oblivious to ANY danger, to the place where I knew I needed to cross the street.  Suddenly, I was trapped!  My parents had told me to NEVER cross the street if I could see ANY traffic coming from either direction …Well, no matter which way I looked – I could see a car coming…I obviously lacked the understanding of  the relationship between speed, distance, and time – and so there I stood on the wrong side of the street with no one  to help me and no way to get across this great divide. I, of course, began to cry. Out loud. Louder. Almost shouting, “Somebody, help me…please!!!” No one stopped.  I was probably too little to be seen by the cars as they whizzed past in the now approaching dusk – but all I knew was how abandoned, alone, helpless, and frantic I was (poor, wretched, naked, blind).  I did not know HOW to get across the street.
At five, stuck where I was  and unbeknownst  to me, my rescuer was already searching the highways and biways for her lost little girl. She could hear my cry and I am sure she saw me before I saw her! My Mommy! Such a beautiful sight! When she called out to me to cross the street – “NOW, COME!” I had to choose to trust her and COME.  I could still see cars coming from one way or the other – but Mommy said “COME – NOW!”  Needless to say, the obedience, in spite of what I saw, led to the warm embrace of my Mommy, safety, and home.
The analogies are obvious in every way. I realize this is a simple story. The tragedies of life are not so cute.  I have experienced some of the lousy things that can happen to a girl in this life – and I know how damaging those circumstances can be. I found myself in this same situation over and over again in my life.  I may have known where I was and could even tell you how I got there, but I had no idea HOW to get to a better place. And no one else seemed able to tell me the Truth and the Way to Life.
Until Jesus – my rescuer.  He saved me at 22, true.  But, honestly, I was already such a mess by then that I could not build anything – much less a “bridge to get over it” – UNTIL He began to open His Word up to me.  Until it was HIS voice to which I began to respond.   
I know I keep harping on getting into the WORD.  His Love Letter. To Me. To You. It’s because ONLY through His Word does He tell you stuff.  Just like these blogs.  They are words.  The method of using them has changed.  From stone tablets, scrolls, hieroglyphics to the printing press, feather ink pens, typewriters, word processors, and now the internet – the method is different but the medium of communication is still the same – words.  Only God can read our hearts and our minds.  We have to read His Words…
Open your Bible to Psalm 1:  “Blessed is the man…”  Read what comes next.  God will tell you what a blessed man looks like, acts, like, thinks like.


Only Because of Him,


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