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My husband goes back to work today. He will be getting on a plane and flying to Kenai, then Nikiski, and then across the inlet to Trading Bay.  Two weeks ago he was flown from Trading Bay to Providence Hospital  – in a medevac helicopter, strapped to a backboard and unable to speak. When I saw him in the ER – two things went through my mind…First, I thought “life changing…” I had no idea at that time what the outcome of this situation was going to be.   As I posted last week, I have witnessed the loss of life.  I get the fragility of life and the finality of death.  

The second thought I had was more of an experience with God.  For when I saw Kedge laying on the gurney with tubes and wires, 7-8 ER personnel all poking, prodding, and tending to every detail of his LIFE, I was overwhelmed with pure Love for Kedge and from God.  All shadows of doubt, fear, and bitterness were obliterated.

I do not know “why” God had this in His plan for our lives these last two weeks. I do know that over 120 women were all praying for him from the moment I received the phone call (Saturday morning) until the moment they departed (Sunday morning) from our ACWM retreat.  Thank you, beautiful women for those prayers… They saved my Kedgys’s life.  I do know that the response from our church’s pastoral staff was immediate and comforting. I do know that even the neurologist was stumped as to why there is absolutely NO TRACE of any damage to Kedge’s brain.

Lastly, I do know that God has in His hand, our minutes, our hours, our days, our years.  I know He thinks thoughts of us: He knows what those thoughts are; high thoughts, good thoughts; not evil.  It is God that will bring us to an expected place – He will give us a future and a hope – and He will provide.

I thank God – not for the trial – but in the midst of the trial for his faithfulness.  I thank God that He is God. I am SO thankful that He has given me – through the Holy Spirit – the gift of faith – in Him.

To all those who prayed for my Kedgy – via FB, via text, via the retreat – thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love of Jesus be upon you,         


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