A Word Behind You

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In college, I was a music major and had to play several piano pieces each semester from memory. The thought of having to remember up to 8 notes at a time, several times a second, while in front of an audience would send me into panic mode. In fact, one of my most common nightmares as an adult is that I have to play a full recital in a week and I don’t know my music. I guess you could say I suffer from “memorizedperformance anxiety”.

By the time my graduate recital rolled around, I was carrying around 3×5 cards with Bible verses on them. I memorized them, said them to myself while falling asleep, and read them before practicing. I knew I would fail if my fears took over, so I reminded myself of His promises again and again.

One of my favorite verses from this time came back to me again this week. I was pressed for time as I was prepping the monthly verse for our MOPS group. I said a quick prayer asking God to show me the verse He wanted for this month. The first verse that came to mind was….

Your ears will hear a word behind you,
“This is the way, walk in it,”
Whenever you turn to the right or to the left.
Isaiah 30:21 NAS

I still play the piano regularly in front of others, but now I get the luxury of written music or chord charts. (It’s amazing how much those help with stage fright!) In this marriage and mothering stage of life, this verse fills another role. Instead of using it to claim that God will show me where my next note on the piano is, I use it to claim that He will help me know what to do next with my kids, what activities to take on or turn down, what words to use with my husband.

Our job is to LISTEN to that voice behind us. It is our Father giving us guidance. I believe He talks to us more often than we think. Sometimes the Voice is a Bible verse that pops into your head. Other times it is a word from a Bible teacher or a song on the radio. It may be loving advice from a good friend. It may be a repeated theme that you keep hearing from many different sources– what author Margaret Feinberg calls “sacred echoes”. You may even hear from a God in a more tangible, obvious way. No matter how God’s voice appears, it will always line up with His Word.

We face many uncertainties in life. We need God’s wisdom and direction on a daily basis.

Ask for it.
Listen for it.
Follow it.


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