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So…were there any who may have wondered where I was today?  Or, perhaps you just wondered when the post for today was going to show up…? Well, either way, I will tell you – I was between “here” and “there” ~ and so wrapped up in the “there” that I could not break away no matter how much the “here” weighed upon me.

No excuses, just real stuff in real time without the pre-arranged, exact-o control, and go ahead of yourself planning preparedness for………………Monday’s post.

I spent the weekend in Kenai.  With my family. My husband. My daughter. My son-in-law. My BABY BENJAMIN !!!!  He was on my lap as many times and for as long as I could get him to stay. It was wonderful. 

As I write this, I keep trying to figure out how I “SHOULD FEEL.”  About what?  The weekend? The missed work?  The late Monday post?  What?  Hmmm.  I will tell you how I DO feel…

I feel renewed.  I feel loved.  I feel SO thankful for the memories made and the number of times a baby boy called me “Nonnnn – ie.”  I kissed his face. I kissed his neck.  I kissed the palms of his hands and every inch of him clear to his toes – all ten of them. I won.

All the effort: planning, shopping, packing, driving…was worth it.  I am so grateful God gave me this weekend.  He gave me rest. He gave me love.  He gave me Life more abundantly.  He gave me more love for Him ~ because He saw my need and He knew exactly how to meet it. I can’t get over it. I do not want to get over it.  I am forever grateful.

As far as a late Monday post?  Ah, you will rejoice with me I pray ~ for God orchestrated events that I may go see “da bb.”  And rejoice with me that I did not try to text this post while I was driving! I thought about it…more like wondered if I could?? No.

There may be more “late Mondays” in our future(s).  And we will rejoice…in every one of them; because God gave us Monday – all day.

Love you peeps.

Love YOU, Jesus.


“Come unto IAM, Patricia Kathleen.  IAM and IKNOW how you labor ~ the weight bears upon you ~ you feel old and unheard.  But IAM hear you and IWILL give you rest…IDID, eh?” 

(Patti’s personal application – Matthew 11:28)

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