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Last Monday to this Monday – how’s it going?  It was a quick jump from one to the other, was it not? Nevertheless, I ask myself the only really important question that exists between those two points in time – “How’s my walk with Jesus? Did I talk to Him; did I spend time with Him?” After all, I did choose Him; well He chose me; drew me; convicted me; saved me…and I did mean to make Him a priority…

I did listen to some Christian music in my car.  I went to church on Wednesday and twice on Sunday.  Good, good.  I read some stuff other people wrote about Him.  I even “liked” some FB posts and “shared” a couple of posts that “spoke” to me…

However…”In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…” (John1:1).
“The Word came and dwelt among us…” (John 1:14)

The Word.  Jesus and The Word are One in the same.  “The Word” is Who created the world – and the world was created by The Word.  In John 17:17, Jesus says “thy Word is Truth.”  In John 14:6, He said “….I AM the Way, the Truth…” The Truth and the Word are the same and they are Jesus.  A person – not and ideal.  To know the person of Jesus you must know the Word. 

I can listen to Christian music.  I can read other people’s words about Jesus.  I go to church.  All these things are good and are established by God as avenues of  “touch.”  But JUST doing these things is like taking a shower where the water just drizzles from the shower head.  Do you want a full blast of hot water to cleanse and refresh your soul?  READ the Word.  The Word(s) of the Bible cleans you from the inside out.  The Word(s) of the Bible reveals the mind of Christ.  The Word(s) of the Bible is alive. The Word penetrates your mind and scrapes away your thoughts – replacing them with God’s thoughts – renewing you – washing you – and making you capable of making choices that reflect the will of God! And most delightedly, the Word(s) of the Bible can make your mind understand the things of God, help you “see” Jesus, “know” Jesus, experience the love of Jesus!  It’s a MIRACLE!!!

This week – press on to know Jesus through His Word.  Read the Bible. After all, He had it written just for you.



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