It’s Monday.

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It is Monday morning and half the planet faces the beginning of another week. It’s time to leave the weekend and roll into the routine that will undoubtedly frame the next five days. Most of us feel a bit of an “ugh” at the required shifting of gears.

It’s Monday morning. I want it to be a “good” week.  But I lack the “positive attitude” that everybody says I should have.  All those mental hoops to jump through – honestly I do not have the energy or the will power to convince myself that I am where I want to be (unless where I am is on a beach in Hawaii – which is, unfortunately NOT where I am).

Well, in all the years I have lived (and I have lived a few), I have never found an answer to the dilemma of feeling defeated before you even start. 

Except for Jesus. Jesus is beautiful and worthy. Jesus is kind and loving. Jesus knows me and wants me to know Him – more. Jesus is The Only One who never tires of my quirky-ness.  He understands me better than I understand myself and He has taken the time to order my steps.  He wants me to look more like Him – in  my priorities, in my desires, in my choices, in my responses to others.  And pray tell – HOW does He accomplish that task?

By Mondays – He starts with Mondays.  I face myself on Mondays.  And I make just one choice.
I choose Jesus.  I choose Jesus.  His love, His word, His ways. HIM. I have known Him awhile – He’s known me from before He laid the foundation of the Earth. To know Jesus is to have within you a cool running river springing up from within, to restore, renew, refresh, revive, regenerate your soul!

Do you know Jesus? Do you choose Jesus?  He’s chosen you. Whether you have already or have yet to do so, the answer to Monday is Jesus. 

He’s a great way to start the week…He is wooing you right now. Choose Him.


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